Building Student Motivation: 100 Wall

I think everyone wants to hear they are doing a great job. I mean, on some level we know, but there is a little extra sauce poured on when the words of praise come from someone else.

Not fancy, but it works!

Not fancy, but it works!

I’m always looking for EASY ways to reward my students for working hard. I know myself, and know I will not keep up with anything elaborate (because who has time for that?!)

So..the 100 Wall was born. You would think that 8th graders would not be excited about a 3 inch paper star, but the happiness when they earn one is crazy! They already have a plan for how they are going to decorate it, and where they are going to put it on the wall before they even take their tests!

For me, it is just a little extra motivation for them to work hard to do the best they can on their assessments.

Super Simple Steps to Implement the 100 Wall:

  1. Print off enough stars to last you all year (I just used a whole pack of paper, and it has lasted me a couple of years since I put several stars on one sheet)

  2. Get one or two of your little eager beaver students who like to help to cut them out ( I have two girls in my homeroom who love to do stuff like this)

  3. Put them in a special spot you can access easily on quiz and test days.

  4. When students make a 100, give them a star (I do a lot of Google forms, so they just bring the computer up and show me, and I immediately give them the star. For written assignments, I staple the star to their tests.)

  5. The students decorate it anyway they want. The only requirement is their name must be on the star somewhere.

  6. When they have finished decorating it, they are in charge of putting the tape on and sticking it to the wall (because I know if it was left up to me, there would be a stack of stars sitting on my desk for weeks #reallife)

That’s it. Just try it. You will be amazed at how it can change the environment of test days! (I also give rewards to students who grow, but that will be another post)

Happy teaching,