Set the Stage to Engage Featuring Fortnite (without all the prep)

Setting the stage to engage does not have to be elaborate. (NOT my actual classroom set up. This is someone much cooler.)

Setting the stage to engage does not have to be elaborate. (NOT my actual classroom set up. This is someone much cooler.)

I am in awe of all those great teachers who set up elaborate classroom displays to engage their students. As much as I want to be, I am just not that teacher right now. 

Maybe when I have more time, less responsibilities, and kids who are out of the house there will be time to transform my classroom into something Hope and Wade King would be proud of. 

If you're like me, I’m here to tell you setting the stage to engage is totally possible without countless hours planning, laminating, and setting up. 

Today we did Sentence Types Battle Royale based off of Fortnite. I watched an ‘All You Need to Know about Fortnite in 60 seconds’ to get the lingo and planned an engaging review in just seconds. 

You can use this idea for any review you have! 

1️⃣ Make a review using Quizzizz (

2️⃣ Let the students decide if they want to play a solo, duo, or squad game ⬅️Fortnite lingo, y’all! I let my students pick their partners. 

3️⃣I let the groups pick their own ‘house/bush’ to hide in (basically, one group per table or spot in the classroom)

4️⃣ Instead of having students use their name to sign in, let them pick ‘a skin’ ⬅️ Fortnite speak for character. My rule was one computer per squad or duo and no repeat skin names. If they didn’t know a skin, I let them google it. They had 2 minutes to decide and sign into the game. 

5️⃣ when the 2 minute timer went off I told them to ‘load the battle bus’ (get ready with their notes type notes and examples from the unit) 

6️⃣When the countdown started when I pushed play on the game, I told them they were parachuting into the game. 

7️⃣ During the game, I played Fortnite music (it’s a thing and easily found on YouTube) 

8️⃣ the winning group was considered the Victor Royale and was able to show off their favorite Fortnight dance. (I showed them my slow as molasses Floss Dance, but they were not impressed) 

So, basically, it was a normal quizzizz with Fortnite lingo thrown in, and they LOVED it! Like, really. LOVED it!! 


The best news…it only took me about 5 minutes to plan so there is more time for wine, comfy clothes, family time, and a great book!