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Making Gallery Walks Meaningful

I don’t know why today was they day, but it was. I mean, I’ve done it this way for years. But, for some reason, today was the day that where it became glaringly obvious: the way I was doing gallery walks to showcase student work was not meaningful or engaging. This is how I fixed the problem between class periods and instantly increased student engagement.

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Mini Celebrations to Encourage Student Leaders

No one in my class had any idea that the quiet boy who sat at table one had it going on. That his responses to our novel were insightful and went beyond the basics. It probably would have stayed this way and he never would have become a contracted response expert if I didn’t do this one thing….

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Set the Stage to Engage Featuring Fortnite (without all the prep)

I am in awe of those teachers who can turn their classrooms into a mini Disney World overnight. I scroll Pinterest, save the ideas, dream a little, but secretly know that in this season of my life these amazing classroom transformations will live in the magical world of Pinterest Land. And that’s ok. I can still set the stage to engage without all the time and effort! In fact, this idea only took me less than 5 minutes to set up!

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